High Efficiency Gas Water Heaters

The high efficiency gas water heater from the Whirlpool® Brand is the most efficient and advanced conventional vent product on the market. The patented air intake system turbo charges the combustion process to produce the highest efficiency possible for a standard atmospheric product. This efficiency translates up to 25% savings on your water heating costs.

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How Does It Work?

The Whirlpool® Brand high efficiency gas water heater generates the highest efficiency possible in a standard atmospheric model. The high efficiency performance is produced by the patented air intake system. Much like a turbo charger, air is pushed into the combustion chamber creating a pressurized environment. As a result of the pressurization, tighter baffling is incorporated into the flue design to slow down the hot exhaust gas as it travels through the flue. More heat is transferred to the water, and less energy is wasted, compared to standard gas water heaters. The end result is an extremely efficient .70 Energy Factor.Whirlpool High Efficiency Gas Water Heater

Whirlpool Energy Star Qualified Water Heaters

Features and Benefits

High Efficiency - .70 EF: Saves the homeowner money compared to conventional gas products at .58 EF, or ten-year-old installed product in the field as low as .53 EF. At .70 EF, the Whirlpool® high efficiency gas water heater can generate significant savings in the annual cost of operation up to 25% of the water heating cost.

Easy Installation: The Whirlpool® high efficiency gas water heater installs with the same gas, water and venting connections as a standard atmospheric model, making it perfect for replacement applications. It is the best option for customers looking for energy efficiency/ savings without the installation challenges of other high efficiency models.

ENERGY STAR® Qualified: At .70 EF, the high efficiency gas water heater exceeds the second ENERGY STAR® phase requirement of .67 EF. Many state and local agencies have significant rebates for high efficiency ENERGY STAR® products.

Advanced Technology: Consumers are looking for the latest/greatest in technology, and this is the most advanced and efficient conventional vent water heater. With eye level controls, LCD user interface that provides easy temperature adjustment and diagnostics, and tighter temperature control, the advanced controls truly make this the most advanced atmospheric vent product on the market.

Electronic Ignition: No standing pilot avoids nuisance issues associated with standard vent product, and is more energy efficient.

Powered Anode Rod: High-tech powered anode is non-sacrificial, so they it does not deplete over time and they provide exceptional performance in all water conditions.

Plugs into a standard 110/120 volt outlet (10-foot power cord included).


High Efficiency yet Easy to Install with Savings up to 25%.


Vs. Standard Gas

Payback scenario for Whirlpool High Efficiency Gas Water Heaters

  • Considerable efficiency gains compared to standard atmospheric models. Depending on the efficiency of their existing gas model (age-dependent), homeowners can save up to 25% of the cost associated with water heating. (See Payback Scenario at right.)
  • Tighter temperature control and more advanced diagnostic capabilities compared to standard models.
  • Hot surface igniter; no standing pilot, avoids many nuisance issues associated with conventional technology.
  • High-tech powered anode - maintenance free and avoids issues associated with sacrificial anodes (smelly water, low/high conductivity, etc.)
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified and eligible for rebates.

Vs. Tankless

  • Easy and low-cost installation
  • Standard gas line
  • Standard venting
  • Standard water connections
  • Lower cost option for those seeking efficiency upgrades