Energy Smart® Electric Water Heaters

The Energy Smart® electric water heater integrates a consumer friendly, heads up display and user interface, with a high effi ciency electric water heater. The Energy Smart® control enables consumers to easily set their hot water temperature, as well as change the operating mode of the water heater to automatically adjust to their use patterns. Additionally, the control provides diagnostic feedback on the operation of the unit.

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How does it work?

The Energy Smart® electric water heater combines an electronic thermostat which replaces the conventional electromechanical thermostat, with an Energy Smart® module user interface. This user interface is simple, convenient, easy to access (no "doors") and informative. Energy Smart® water heaters off er intelligent effi ciency by adjusting to consumer use patterns. Whirlpool 9 year Energy Smart Electric Water Heater

Features and Benefits

Touch Screen Electronic User Interface: with easy to set temperature setting and safety lock feature.

Operating Modes: homeowner choice of operating modes to include energy saving Energy Smart® mode, which intelligently reacts to homeowner hot water use patterns to reduce stand-by heat loss. Vacation mode saves you money while you are away and Normal mode.

Diagnostic Feedback Via User Interface: diagnostic status codes are communicated on the LCD screen. No single point of failure means hot water is always available. Unlike conventional electric water heaters, the Energy Smart® can operate with a failed element or thermistor.

Electronic Thermostat: is superior to conventional electromechanical thermostats by having no mechanical parts to wear, as well as having thermistors making it more accurate and reliable than convetional components. The electronic thermostat provides operational reliability and peace of mind for installation.

Smart Grid Ready: the smart grid adapter positions the water heater for future utility management.

Dry Fire Protection: ensures the installer or homeowner does not accidentally burn out the upper element when power is turned on, if the water level in the tank is not full. Dry-fire protection will not allow the unit to be turned on unless the tank is filled with water.

Premium 5500 Watt Heating Elements: more efficient and last longer than conventional elements.

Self Cleaning Dip Tube: helps avoid sediment in the tank, ensuring long tank life and optimal efficiency.

Environmentally Friendly Non-CFC Foam Insulation: reduces standby heat loss.

Energy Smart®, it's more than just a water heater!


Energy Smart® Module

Control Operation Via 3 Modes: Normal, Energy Smart®, and Vacation. The Energy Smart® mode automatically adjusts water temperature according to consumer hot water use patterns to reduce standby heat loss and save money. When Vacation mode is used, the unit automatically adjusts to prevent freeze damage and conserve energy, and upon the homeowner's return and setting the unit back to either Normal or Energy Smart® mode, the unit resumes operation with the previous temperature setting.

Whirlpool Energy Smart Controls User Interface Ease of Use: the heads-up digital display is integrated within the upper element cover allowing interaction with the unit at "eye-level." The user interface features capacitive touch, and back-lit buttons for ease of operation. Icons notify consumers when the element is on, an error code (Alert) is present, the unit is under Smart Grid management, or the user interface is locked. An added safety feature is the access lock, which keeps small children from resetting the mode or temperature setting. Homeowners control the water heater from an appliance-like panel; no more removing access covers and other components, and guessing at the temperature setting as with conventional electric water heaters.

Diagnostic Reporting Monitors:

1. Dry-Fire Detection
2. Electronic Thermostat Failure
3. Lower Thermistor Failure

    4. Upper Element Failure
5. Lower Element Failure
6. Energy Smart® Module Defective


Diagnostic codes will be communicated on LCD via a simple, understandable code. Reliability is engineered into the solution. There is no single point of failure as the water heater may operate with one failed thermistor or one failed element, unlike conventional electric water heaters.

Whirlpool SmartPort ConnectivityOptional Connectivity

The SmartPort, mounted on top of the water heater, enables the water heater to be remotely controlled by home automation applications (optional WiFi Communications module required, available in the Iris® area of select Lowe's® stores). Customers can control temperature settings and receive diagnostic information conveniently from their smartphone or tablet.